About Us

Hi, I'm Andrey

I am the blessed founder of Natural Shilajit. When I started this company back in December 2014, I never imagined that this hidden health gem from the mountains of my home country in Russia would turn into my life’s purpose. Back then I had no idea that this Ayurvedic product could become my true passion of changing people's lives for the better through providing them with the active nutrients they need in order to live life at its fullest, healthiest, and happiest.

But now I simply can't imagine myself doing anything but sharing this knowledge with the world and making Shilajit available and affordable to as many people as I could ever hope for. It's not often you get to enjoy what you do, especially knowing that you are making a positive impact on well-being of others. So I am forever grateful for this opportunity to show people an effortless way to invest in their wellness and a healthier future for them and their families.

I am thrilled to announce that our talented and passionate team is growing faster than ever! My love and appreciation goes out to every member of our Shilajit Family. Thank you for all of your hard work and commitment to spreading the word about Shilajit and its contributions to a healthy and balanced lifestyle.


Our Story

How it all began.

Growing up in Russia, Shilajit was a regular part my family’s wellness regimen for as long as I can remember. It has always been passed down from generation to generation as a naturopathic remedy that is well renowned for its highly beneficial health effects.

When I visited California for the first time in my early 20's, I was surprised to discover that Shilajit was nowhere to be found. I visited numerous health food stores, asked the most health conscious people I could find, and came up completely empty handed! I was shocked that this progressive community was missing such a fundamental product in their holistic lifestyle. Right then and there is when I pledged to provide the world with this missing ingredient to their health and wellness plans.

2014 - present.

Seems like only yesterday I was telling my friends about Shilajit for the first time, but it's been almost 1,5 years and we are just getting started. Whatever the future may hold for Natural Shilajit, I'm grateful for how much we were blessed enough to accomplish already and I promise to do everything in my power to ensure a bright future for this company and all of its employees.


Our mission

Make the world a healthier place. One family at a time.

Our main goal is to get Shilajit the attention it deserves through intorducing as many people as possible to Shilajit and educating them on its virtually countless  healthsome benefits. We really believe that our product can enhance one's quality of life and help tap into the full potential of both mind and body. And all of that comes from a natural source and not some chemistry lab. Shilajit is truly a gift from Mother Nature, we're just here to deliver it to your doorstep.

Current Goals:

  • Expand our distribution network to make Shilajit available in as many stores as we can.
  • Launch more warehouses around the globe so we can offer domestic shipping rates to more of our customers from overseas.
  • Extend our product line to keep things interesting and exciting for our long-time customers.
  • Create more educational materials and generate new content that can provide a deeper understanding of Shilajit and where it comes from.
  • Work closely with thought leaders in the wellness industry to offer you trustworthy advice on Shilajit's benefits from reputable sources.

Our values

Superb Quality

We pride ourselves on the quality of our Shilajit. Each new batch goes through vigorous testing to ensure the product's purity before being processed & packed at an FDA-certified facility here in CA.

Responsibly Sourced

All of our Shilajit is 100% organic, natural and wild-crafted. We work directly with our long-time trusted supplier in The Altai Mountains so we can be extra confident in the product's authenticity. 

Customer Satisfaction

We make it our top priority to offer a product of the highest quality, but if for some reason you feel like Shilajit isn't for you - you can always take advantage of our 100% money-back guarantee.

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